Our sheds are only made of SOLID WOOD  no OSB, CHIP BOARD or MDF

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All of our garden buildings are manufactured to a higher specification than most other companies…..stronger, thicker framework than most with thicker tongue and groove shiplap cladding. Floor and roof panels are also tongue and groove timber.  NO OSB, chipboard or MDF  is used anywhere. ONLY solid timber!!  You are welcome to visit our small display and see for yourself. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for exclusive discounts and offers.

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Unlike many branded products available to buy online nowadays, the difference in the quality of sheds can be difficult to judge from a website, so where possible we encourage you to come and visit our local display site to get a feel for the construction and materials. 

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Since 1984 our buildings have upheld the quality of materials and manufacture offering excellent value for money and ensuring long lasting lifespan.  Adding to our range as needs have changed, the quality has remained the same and we continue to use only solid wood.  So when comparing our products please bear in mind timber sizes (framing and cladding), floor and roof quality, eaves height, door construction and fittings such as hinges and locks.  We have included this Information in an easy to read format for most models.


Although standard for us, this range offers more choice and higher specification than many other manufacturers.


Our Workshops range are fully adaptable, available with a variety of different options and comes as standard in 25% thicker 15mm boarding


The Major is one of the most heavy duty sheds on the market. It is made to order to allow adaptations from our wide range of options.


Our range of pet housing includes kennels in various sizes, offering suitable shelter for almost any breed of dog. Also Rabbit and Chicken runs..


This range includes several kinds of small storage sheds as well as a shelter and bin, bike and log stores.


We offer a large array of summerhouses, with alternative door and window designs also available on some models.


We offer four different playhouse designs, including two models with upstairs platforms.


Our own Log Cabins using 33mm thick logs, with door and window options available on all models

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*special offers only available directly from CGB, can be withdrawn at any time. T&C's apply.